Nurkoin is a high value, peer to peer decentralized digital currency that is based on the ERC20 token and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a cryptocurrency of the same nature as Bitcoin and Ethereum, with aim to specifically produce and promote art and culture projects, to finance the entertainment industry projects and allow people to carry out peer to peer currency transactions more efficiently, securely and at minimal costs.

Main Features:

  • Development on decentralized blockchain
  • Huge potential in hand considering inherent utility within the key businesses we would be investing in such as film production, musical concerts, arts, culture, tourism, media and sport industry
  • Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies whose value depens on market speculations, NURKOIN has an inherent value associated with it through investments in key businesses
  • Security of your digital assets through cryptographic consensus mechanisms
  • Offering real transparency on your holdings based on real investments through public, immutable blockchain
  • KEY BUSINESS AREAS - Film Productions, Producing Concerts and Musical Events, Art and Cultural Promotion, Media Industry, Sports, Tourism, Fintech
What is NURKOIN?
Token Sale C
Public Phase 5 started on
  • Pre Sale
  • Soft Cap
  • Bonus
  • |
  • |
  • |
50.81 % target raised
$1000 = 10000 NUR
Purchase Token
  • Private phase startsJanuary 01, 2023
  • Private phase endsDecember 31, 2023
  • Token PriceIN USD - Private Phase = 0.10 - Public 1 = 0.15 - Public 2 = 0.15 - Public 3 = 0.25 - Public 4 = 0.30 - Public 5 = 0.35
  • Acceptable currenciesETH, BTC, SEPA & CREDIT CARD
  • Minimal transaction amount100 USD
  • Number of tokens for sale TOTAL = NUR

Whitepaper C


Whitepaper C

This whitepaper is written and provided by our company for informational purpose only. Nothing in it shall be constructed and an offer to buy or sell securities in any jurisdiction, or a solicitation for investment, or investment advice.

Road Map

Implementation Sheet

Q4 2020
Research on the Project - Legal Advisory - Angel investors round - Development Team Hired
Q1 2021
Definition of the IT team - Website creation started - Work on white paper started - Key business negotiation with leading business parties in Switzerland, Hungary and Kazakhstan
Q2 2021
Website firt prorotype released - NurKoin ERC 20 token development - Advisory onboarding - Nurkoin electronic platform development - Definition of ICO phases
Q3 2021
NurKoin electronic platform testing and consolidation - White Paper release - Private Sale
Q4 2021
Website implementation in Russian, Chinese and other languages - Bounty schemes for marketing - Starting of the multimedia marketing plan - Community development - Team expansion
Q1 2022
Dedicated wallet release - Starting ICO - Study and selection of potential investments in artistic productions and art and culture projects
Q2 - Q3 - Q4 2022
Starting of a peer to peer exchange on NurKoin website - Agreements with the main commercial counterparts in Kazakhstan and in the Eurasian Area - Study of payment methods with NurKoin (e.g. pos) - First investments in artistic productions and art and culture projects
Start exchanging NurKoin within the network of commercial counterparts
NurKoin listing on cryptocurrency exchanges - First Nur artistic productions and first art and culture projects promoted by Nur in Kazakhstan and in the Eurasian Area
Q1 - Q2 2023
Consolidation of strategic partnerships with significant foundations in the Eurasian area
Q3 - Q4 2023
Sales target of all NurKoin tokens
Q1 - 2023
Beginning of the recapitalization of NurKoin Tokens on the worldwide circuit
Token Distribution

Token Sale Stats

The ICO usually takes place before the project is completed, and helps fund the expenses <br/>undertaken by the founding team until launch. For some of the larger projects.


Creative Team

Isabella Biffi
Isabella Biffi
CEO & Artistic Projects Developer
Aiman Mussakhajayeva
Aiman Mussakhajayeva
GodMother & NUR Promoter
Andras Kocsis
Andras Kocsis
Strategic Communication Manager
Maria Fernando Criscuolo
Maria Fernando Criscuolo
Customer Relations Officier
Folco de Luca Gabrielli
Folco de Luca Gabrielli

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